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Happy Notes

This section archives Happy Notes, a small e-newsletter. I've toyed with writing the Great American Novel, so some literary (or not so literary) ramblings might also be parked here. This includes Murder at City Hall, which is still begging to be written (where an IT guy is found dead in the server room, probably knocked off by the author).

Happy Notes ❯


This section includes the contents of two much-loved recipe boxes belonging to my mother and Grandma Gauger, along with assorted recipes from other family and friends, my own creations, and many we've tried and liked from various online sources (hopefully properly credited). Feel free to add your own opinions and suggestions.

Recipes [underway] ❯


The scanning & editing backbone for this section has taken on its own life form… it's almost impossible to keep up with cameras in everyone's hands these days! Most of these photos are my immediate family & events, augmented by those we could borrow from others. Family members, feel free to copy ones you want for your own albums.

Photos [delayed] ❯